BRUN! ATELIER was founded uniting 20 years of experence in sewing individual shirts from IRVE tailors attracting creative designers and improving the client service, bringing it up to new heights. Bruni shirts and blouses are made specially for every client, we take into account clinets’ wishes and help their dreams come true. Our clients’ clothing is perfectly fitted for their personalities and body types.

Since 1995. IRVE with its’ division IRVE Line has been working and taking orders to create individual and coorperative shirts.

In 2008 IRVE Line broke the myth and made it clear that meeting a tailor and getting an individual shirt is not only possible for the rich and wealthy, but also possible for everyone. In fact, it is easy and a specially made shirt just for oneself is a great alternative to those shirts which can be bought in magazines and shops. The main difference is in the sizes. One can only buy regular sized shirts in magazines, but with BRUN! You can decide on every detail and size of your shirt. The shirts you can buy in clothing shops are not suitable for everyone – they simply are too long or short, too wide or maybe just don’t fit or fit bad.

In 2010 designer Bruno Mells and fashion artist Bruno Birmanis founded the brand BRUNI and the first collection based on classical style and it’s traditions. White and light blue – a conservative gamma of tones, high-quality fabric from Albini Group. The shirts were manufactured by IRVE Line in their studio. After the interest from women, designers (BRUNI) and IRVE Line made shirts and formal blouses for women. It was possible to buy these shirts in series of clothing shops in Riga.

In 2015 IRVE bought BRUN! And for the convenience of customers made a BRUN! ATELIER salon at Satekles street 5/7, 2nd floor. Realizing the wishes and requirements of customers and clients BRUN! Has been made even more individual, putting as the prime matter the individual oreder of shirts and blouses right to from the tailor. Each and every shirt and blouse is made just after the clients wishes (design, fabric, silhouette etc.) and measurements. Our clients can chose the fabric, decorative elements (buttons, pockets, collars etc.), colours and other nuances.  BRUN! Works together with artists fashion bloggers, designers who together make interesting and new models specially for BRUN! Clients. Creative and bright way to step back from the classics, but remain stylish and chic, perfect for the business environment.

Our offer has been expanded. If our client orders, we make suits and businesslike women’s clothing, accessories, cufflinks, ties and so on. 

20 years of experience in sewing shirts and taking care of clothing, cleaning and letting people look beautiful every day guarantees the best masters. These traditions let the tailors and experts and their understanding about fabrics and products, quality and trust.

Satekles street 5/7, 2.nd floor, Rīga, Latvija, LV-1050

We advise you to plan a visit to our tailor, so he can be completely at your service.

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